LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)


LPG Fittings & Installations


Thanks to our many years of industry experience, Nader Gas is Bahrain’s market leader when it comes to gas pipe connection and bulk gas supply projects. Our experienced team has completed the leading and most sophisticated projects in the country. Our reliable bulk supply fleet also ensures that these projects run uninterrupted. Projects completed range from industrial plants, malls, restaurants and palaces. With safety standards and project design second to none, we ensure that your LPG supply is reliable and safe.

LPG Fittings

Then most comprehensive LPG fittings in Bahrain. From Regulators to Gas Meters to Gas Ball Valves, from Cooker hoses to Carbon Monoxide alarms, from Hose Nozzles and Gas Hose to Gas Filters, we have it all.

LPG Installations

At Nader Gas, safety always comes first. For this reason, all our installations are carried out by the most skilled engineers and professionals in the field. All parts materials used are from highest grade materials and quality. Our track record with the biggest residential, commercial, and industrial projects in Bahrain a big testament to this. Whether it is a home, a restaurant, a mall, a factory, your property is very well protected with Nader Gas installations.
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