Company Background

Since Nader Gas was established in 1970 we have experienced a 

spectacular rise: from humble beginnings providing a new versatile fuel for rural homes to our current position as Bahrain’s leading supplier 

of LPG.

In 2015, Nader Gas will be commemorating its 45th year in business. Here we invite you to look back over the company’s history – how Nader Gas started out, how it has survived and flourished throughout four and half decades.

Nader Gas History


Why Nader Gas

Nader Gas extensive delivery network ensures you get you gas on time. In addition to our call center, gas orders can be placed through WhatsApp, email, or our website ordering system.


Far Reach

Clever thinking today for tomorrow | Technology makes difference

Unrivalled Expertise

Flexible and versatile | Accessable, portable and easy to use

Setting the standard in LPG | Constantly seeking improvement


Exceptional Services

Approachable, friendly, inclusive and tunes into your needs

Reliable and trusted | adding value comes as standard | simple and effective


Supporting The Community

Here at Nader Gas, we are passionate not only about taking good care of our customers, but also about creating and maintaining good relationships with the people living and working in our local communities.


Group Companies

Burooj Printing Services


Real Estate Development & Management